The BIA brought back our hugely successful tool to our downtown district, which  helps all of our local, small businesses!  We have sold $75,000 worth of BIA Winter Downtown Dollars  with a 20% discount!  Once again, our goal is to create an economic boost to our BIA downtown district over the Christmas season and during the slower months of January and February.

Benefits for the Customer

  • The customer only pays $8.00 on every $10! That’s a 20% savings which the BIA covers
  • *SOLD OUT The BIA Winter Downtown Dollars will be available for purchase at the Essex Libro Credit Union Downtown Dollars and can be used for a variety of items i.e. restaurants, entertainment, clothing, professional services, products, etc.
  • Downtown Dollars can be also used as gifts throughout the Holiday season

Extra Details

  • The BIA Winter Downtown Dollars will be available to use from November 17, 2020-February 28, 2021
  • Each business will have until March 12, 2021 to redeem their collected downtown dollars.
  • Essex Libro Credit Union will be enforcing our $500 limit for each purchase of Winter Downtown Dollars to allow everyone the opportunity to save 


Due to Covid-19, our small businesses have had to deal with the ever changing rules and confusing colour code restrictions, which seem to happen daily.  As a business owner, making the necessary changes, creating action plans and keeping up with the requirements while running your business can seem like a daunting task.

The Essex BIA would like to help alleviate some of the stress.
We have collaborated with a local small business company called, Majors & McGuire who specialize in providing local businesses with the health & safety knowledge, training and best practice guidelines in order to help provide a healthy, safe and successful environment for your business.

We would like to offer a FREE one hour audit of your current COVID-19 related safety protocols and help assist you with providing all that is currently required for each stage and each business sector.
There is absolutely no pressure to purchase anything, you are under no obligation and your audit is completely confidential, for your use only.

These new and ever changing regulations can be intimidating and overwhelming, so let the professionals help guide you.

We will be passing on any interested businesses’ contact information to their firm, at that time they will set up an audit appointment with you and the BIA will be invoiced directly for the service.

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Community Improvement Program

About the Program

The Essex Centre Community Improvement Program (CIP) is a municipal grant incentive program designed to help property owners, developers, and investors to revitalize, beautify, and rehabilitate their facilities and further benefit the prosperity of Essex Centre’s commercial district.

The Essex Centre CIP has two main components; the Development Grant program and the Revitalization Grant program.

Development Grant: includes programs that provide a grant when administering work that requires permits, development charges, and for tax increments. This component also offers a Parks Levy Equivalent grant program.

Revitalization Grant: includes programs that offer businesses an opportunity to make physical improvements to their facilities, such as façade enhancements and repairs to their facility’s front, rear, or side.

Other programs offered include the Outdoor Café, Patio, and Commercial grant program and the Architectural Design Services. The Conversion and Rehabilitation program helps property owners convert above ground floor commercial space to new and affordable rental units, hotel rooms, or a bed and breakfast.

The Town also has a $2000 non-repayable Mini Grant program for minor building facade rehabilitation and maintenance initiatives to refresh an existing façade.

How to Apply

Contact Essex’s Planner, Rita Jabbour, at 776-7336, ex. 1112 to learn more. Staff can highlight what can be available to you, criteria that needs to be met, and the process that needs to be followed in order to submit a successful application. Or, for more information, visit